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Connor in Action

Conor McGowan in a live Auction

Estate Auction Services

David Sobon Auctions now offers estate auction services. We have a staff of experienced professional auctioneers who will work to ensure the efficient and timely sale of your assets by live public auction. We are a licensed, bonded and insured company specializing in on-location whole estate clean-outs and asset liquidation. We strive to provide sterling service to our clients by customizing our services to meet the needs of each situation.

A member of our team will visit your location to preview the items and assess your particular needs. You can then make an informed choice about liquidating your property via the live auction method.

We will set the date and catalogue the assets for auction in a timely manner. When and where necessary, we conduct additional research on distinctive items to better ascertain their auction value. We will ensure that we reach out to the maximum audience in order to publicize the auction sale.

Auction Day

The day of your auction, our promotional efforts will bring the buying public to your location. DSA will utilize an extensive customer database to bring attendants to an auction, and will advertise your sale through social media outlets, our list of email-subscribers, highly trafficked internet sites, and more.

The auction will be conducted as swiftly and efficiently as possible, after which all sales will be processed and the sold items removed immediately by the buyers. We ensure that your receipt statement is itemized with the sales price of each individual lot. All the client has to do is sit back and await the check!

DSA earns a commission based on the percentage of the total sale proceeds. The more money you earn for your items, the more that we earn – so we are extremely motivated to maximize your proceeds.

We serve individuals liquidating personal property, inherited property, and also serve estate executors, probate lawyers, financial institutions, accountants, public offices, and any such institutions that seek the services of an experienced auctioneer.


DSA utilizes the latest technology to ensure the smooth and precise operation of auction sales, with computers running industry-specific software designed for precisely these kinds of sales. We have high quality sound equipment to ensure successful selling. We also make digital projectors available to make viewing of lots easier, to eliminate confusion, and to highlight the distinctive selling features of individual items.

Why Choose DSA for Estate Auctions?

We specialize in liquidating your assets by live public auction in a manner that is both swift and brings a fair market value for your valuables. An auction sale requires little involvement from the client and will only occupy your location for a few hours the day of the sale. At the end of auction day, all consigned items that have been sold will be removed by the purchasers.

You have the option to join our on-site quarterly auction sale. We can even transport and store your items for you!


DSA has a certified in-house appraiser available to provide prompt and complete appraisals of your valuables, providing a written report suitable for personal, insurance or legal needs. Our appraisals provide fair market value for any assets you desire – whether to satisfy your own curiosity, or to satisfy needs associated with estate taxes, insurance estimates, or divorce proceedings.

In the appraisal process, all items will be individually described, researched and a value assigned.  A professional appraisal report will be provided to the client.  Fee structures are   based on a flat rate, hourly rate, or per project fee, which is an industry standard developed to ensure that all values are objectively determined. An appraisal may take one to two weeks to complete, however DSA may provide expedited appraisal service when requested in less than one week.